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4 Dead Easy Tips To Make More Money From Every Customer That Comes Your Way!

sell moreIf you don’t make more money by selling more than one product to your existing customers, then you are leaving a huge amount of money on the table, thereby making far less profits from what you could have been making from every customer that comes your way!

Of course, other than making more money by selling more products to your existing customers, you can also make lots of money in your business through the following ways:

• You can increase the price of your products or services so that customers pay more thereby increasing your profits;
• By making sure that your sales materials such as your landing page converts better than previously;
• You also make more money by driving more traffic or visitors to your products’ sales page;

There’s no doubt that your success with any of these ways to make more money from your business would be largely determined by the strategies you put in place to achieve them. So you have to pay close attention here!

Amongst all of these ways, one clearly stands out and that’s what I want to discuss in this post. It’s how to make more money selling more of your products to your existing customers. In other words, how you could sell more of your products on the backend.

Following this route is one of the easiest sales you’ll ever make because it is less difficult selling to your existing customer than trying to sell or acquire a new customer.
If you don’t know how to do this, simply follow these easy steps to get that done and you’ll be putting more money into your bank account:

Tip #1: Promote Product That Is Related To The Main Offer On The Order Form

One really good way to upsurge your profit in every sale to the customer is to offer an upsell, cross-sell or even a one-time offer on the order form. This should be a product that is directly related to the main product. For instance, you can offer:

• Video version of the main product if it is an ebook;
• Upgrade that gives more benefits and value to the main product;
• The transcripts to a video series for an extra fee.
• Personal coaching to go with a home-study course.
• An app that relates to the main product.
• Access to a related membership site.

One thing is certain, at that moment the customer is in the buying mood ready to buy more from you if he’s convinced that you are offering more value and benefits to him.

Thus, it is your job to convince him to spend a few extra dollars on a related product, he would be instantly sold on this once he perceived he would be getting additional benefits.

Tip #2: Use Your Thank-You Page To Promote Another Related Product

make moneyWhatever it is that you’re selling, your customers will be directed to a confirmation or thank-you page, where they’ll either download their order, or they’ll learn more about the next step of the delivery process. Either way, this is a good place to promote a related offer.

Let’s assume you just sold the customer a weight-loss training program, which they can download on the thank-you page. This page would include a link to the download, as well as something like this:

“Now that you have a complete nutrition and exercise plan to finally lose the weight, you just need one more thing: support from others who’re doing the same thing. Without the right support, you’ll lose motivation and gain the weight back.

Don’t let that happen. Get all the support you need by clicking here…”
Note: one good recommendation is all you need on your thank-you page. You don’t want your new customer to lose focus, nor do you want this page to look like a festival of advertisements.

Tip #3: Promote Offers Inside Your Main Products

If you’re selling digital products like ebooks, videos or software, then it’s really easy for you to drop a link and a call to action within the product itself.
Similarly, if you’re selling physical products, then you can also drop a flyer into the shipment itself. For best results, include a discount coupon with an expiration date.

Tip #4: Promote Additional Offers Through Follow Up Emails

email-follow-upsYour customer mailing list gives you another opportunity to sell more products to your existing customers and make additional money. This is due to the fact that you can quickly promote an offer through every email, and you can follow up as you deem appropriate without overwhelming the customer.

One of the best ways to get the most out of this method is to segment your customer list according to what the customer has purchased. That way, you can make offers that connect directly with their wants and needs.

For example, you can email everyone who purchased you’re an intermediate version of your training course and offer them an advanced version of the same course.

One advantage of this customer segregation on your mailing list is that it boost your conversions and reduces unsubscribe rates, as well as ensure that you do not send emails to people about an offer they’ve already bought from you.

I really want you to put these backend money making strategies to work for you from now on and you will see how easier it could be for you to make more money selling to customers that have already bought from you! Big companies and small business owners like you are already making lots of money from this method, why can’t you and why won’t you?

Go ahead, implement these and stop leaving lots of money on the table!